“Training” for surgery

This past weekend I’ve started exercising in earnest (and within my current abilities). It’s feeling good to be doing it and is making me feel like I am strong again (especially this morning when I ran a kilometre), but it makes me think yet again about how I have a lack of ready resources for participating in these things.

It’s silly stuff, like turning to my running/walking app and having a look at the training plans…the obligatory couch to 5k, half marathons, marathons, etc etc… and for me…

For me, it is training for surgery. I have a provisional surgery date (26th November), and when I go running/walking, it is building up my strength to make me as strong as possible, and when I reach that date, everything stops (for a little while) and when I start again, it will be from scratch.

This isn’t a complaint – of course I understand that people generally are training for runs… I just as silly as it sounds, consistently find myself wishing that cancer was a bit more ‘fun’!

Is that even possible?

(I know a good friend of mine who had breast cancer not so long ago habitually stayed away from forums because she found them too depressing – I can understand that, but I also find myself wishing there were magazines and communities that gleed about yummy recipes and how proud they felt for walking an extra 5 minutes that day.

I don’t know how other cancer patients feel – the only ones I’ve really spoken to are the ones who receive chemo at the same time as me, and to be honest, that’s generally about 15 minutes of conversation 😉

So really, I’m grumbling without doing anything to change things!

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